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Fragments is released!

Our EP is finally here! Here is the link to spotify but you can also find it on all common music services.
We hope you like it!


2017-08-18 | 09:12:29

Across Silence Resurrection Part 3/3

It is time for the final part!
Stay tuned for the Fragments EP and we will see you in autumn!

Resurrection Part 3

Across Silence Resurrection Part 3

2017-08-07 | 09:21:04

Across Silence Resurrection Part 2/3

Part 2 is out! Please subscribe for more future content!

Resurrection Part 2

Across Silence Resurrection Part 2

2017-07-29 | 13:20:32

Across Silence Resurrection Part 1/3

We're finally back! This is the beginning of our Resurrection!

Resurrection Part 1

Across Silence Resurrection

2017-07-21 | 13:18:00

Gamrocken Festival

Our gig at Gamrocken Festival in Ludvika is closing in!
Tomorrow we'll travel up there and on saturday at 17:00, we'll enter the stage!
Hope we'll see you there!

Emergenza tickets

2015-07-30 | 11:29:55

Gig at Sticky Fingers

Our gig at Emergenza festival (Sticky Fingers Klubben) will be on February 20th (a Friday!) at 9:30 pm. Tickets are available for 100 SEK and can be purchased from anyone in the band.

Hope to see you all there!

Emergenza tickets

2015-01-25 | 16:37:43

Partillerocken pictures

Hey guys!
We have som new shots from our gigs at Partillerocken.
Check them out at our gallery on the Live page!

Partillerocken 2014

2015-01-02 | 12:09:26

Happy new year

Happy new year everybody!

happy new year

2014-12-31 | 15:15:38

Partillerocken final!

Thank you guys for supporting us at Partille yesterday! Thanks to you we will be playing at the Partillerocken final, november 8th. We will work hard to make it one great gig so we hope we'll see you all there!

2014-10-12 | 15:25:24

The Darkness(EP) Released!

Finally our EP The Darkness is released!

the darkness


2014-09-24 | 18:59:28

Ep Release date announced!

During the last few months we've been working really hard with our upcoming EP "The Darkness" and we are proud to announce that our EP will be available through all major distributors, including Spotify and iTunes, on September 24th!

In the meantime, stay tuned and enjoy our single Black Hollow on Spotify!


2014-09-07 | 19:16:19

Black Hollow released!

At last the release of our single, Black Hollow, has arrived!

We hope you like it and share it with your friends to help us be noticed by as many as possible.

Click here to listen on spotify: Black Hollow

2014-08-11 | 20:10:06

Single release date announced!

Okay people it's closing in! The 11th of august we will be releasing our new single called Black Hollow! The single will be released with multiple music distributors including Spotify, Itunes and Google play.

After the summer is over we also plans to have som gigs in the area around Gothenburg, so keep your eyes open and we will let you know when we have more gigs ready!

2014-07-23 | 14:48:43

New updates

Here comes some new updates!

As you can see we have updated the website a bit and we hope you like it! :)

Also, we are closing up on our release for our first single! It's in for mastering at the moment but as soon as it's finished we will set a date for when it will hit several large Music suppliers on the web, so stay tuned!

2014-07-18 | 22:36:14

Single on the way!

We are now finished in the studio for the moment and may now announce an upcoming single in the near future! Date of the arrival of the single will be announced shortly so stay tuned!

2014-06-15 | 15:35:10

First day in studio

First day in the studio finished. Tomorrow we will return to finish guitar and vocals and soon we will share it with you all so be ready! More info can be found at our facebook page:

2014-06-14 | 21:16:14

Last Sticky Finger video

Although it's long since the gig at Sticky Fingers, we have now finished the last video with the song Man overbored! Enjoy it, share it and we'll be in touch about new gig dates soon!

Across Silence Live

2014-04-04 | 17:25:06

News update!

Hey guys!
it's been a while since our last update because things have not been going as we had hoped. However now we are back in action and will soon be entering the stage once again!
We are at the moment booking up some gigs that we will have in the spring/summer, dates and venues will be announced soon.

We are however sorry to announce that Emil will not play with us anymore..
We wish him best of luck and thanks him for all the time we spent together!

We are though happy to announce that we have two new members to the band!
Victor Matsson and Henrik Persson have recently joined us and we wish them very welcome to the family!

Thats all for now but we will come back with gig dates and more so stay tuned!

/Across Silence

2014-03-20 | 16:30:20

New Sweet Silence video!

New Sweet Silence video uploaded on youtube! This video was recorded on our gig at Sticky Fingers top floor!


Across Silence Live

2013-10-21 | 14:56:12

New video up!

We have a new video up from our gig at Sticky fingers top floor! A really awesome gig, thanks to all who were there!

The video can be found here!

2013-08-20 | 22:17:36

Across Silence enters the studio!

This week we will begin recording in the studio!
Emil has begun to record the drums today and we'll progress through the week!

Thanks a lot to Globalmusix for helping out!

/Across Silence

2013-04-29 | 18:53:24

Next up: fyrtolvan!

Hey guys!
Our next gig will be at fyrtolvan, and well be playing as opening act for the danish band Falling horizon! The gig will be at may 4th and we all hope to see you there!

if you pre pay the tickets from the band it's 40:-/ticket and if you pay in the entrance it's 50:-/ticket.

we'll see you at fyrtolvan!

/Across silence

2013-04-18 | 15:19:39

Emergenza Semi-final dates announced!

We got the dates for our gig at Sticky Fingers top-floor! It's april 11th!
The entrance opens at 18:00 and you can buy tickets from us band members for 110:-/ticket.

for more info check out our facebook page:

/Across Silence

2013-03-02 | 22:40:46

On to Semi-finals at Emergenza!

Thank you all for supporting us at Sticky fingers at our latest gig!
Thanks to you we will now be playing at the semi-finals, top-floor at Sticky fingers!
Date and time will be announced as soon as possible, but thanks again to all you guys!

/Across Silence

2013-02-24 | 19:29:15

Gig at Sticky Fingers!

Hey guys!
We have our next gig at Sticky Fingers for Emergenza Festival! we'll play 2 new songs and show you all what Across Silence is all about! So join us and we'll give you one hell of a gig!

Tickets can be bought from us band members, just send a message on facebook or mail us and we'll make sure you can buy tickets!

ticket price: 85:-
entrance without ticket: 110:-

/Across Silence

2013-02-04 | 15:46:05

Across Silence Webpage Launched!

At last we've launched our very own webpage! Here you can follow our news updates, gig list, releases and more so take a look around and put a comment in the guestbook Before you leave!

Should you encounter any errors please contact the webmaster:

/Across Silence

2013-02-03 | 21:53:56